Blue Fleet

We have the most modern, efficient and complete fleet of vehicles in the country. This is without a doubt, a key part of our success. Our experience has made us increase that segment of our structure year by year.

We have over 60 units divided into 3 types of vehicles:
Hyundai H1 (5 passengers),
Mercedes Benz Sprinter (15 passengers) and
Mercedes Benz Busscar (54/59 passengers).

We control the status and the quality of the vehicles, as well as the uniformity and neatness of the drivers in every service we provide. We can also offer fast response to unforeseen events and identification of the vehicles with the required image according to the client interests.

The integration of our fleet of vehicles to our structure allows us to offer to our clients the most solid insurances policies, with the highest covers and the widest backing of the market.